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About the Business

Born and raised on the South Side of Jamaica, Queens, Tyran Mrquis had a passion for fashion at an early age Although Tyran’s beginnings were humble, his sense of fashion was fashion forward for his age and era.   


During 2010, Tyran and his best friend collaborated on fashion ideas and began the journey of creating a fashion line.  Unfortunately, his best friend was tragically murdered in 2012, but commitment to his friend and Tyran’s passion kept the dream alive to build an independent fashion line.  


In 2012, Tyran designed a line of men’s ties, bow ties, and pocket squares for men who desired to be groomed and tailored in exquisite fashion. Out of this line, Tyran was dubbed “Mr Pocket Squares.’ Also in 2012, the brand Tyran Marquis was established offering urban wear and custom designs to men and women.


Among his accomplishments,  Tyran attended New York Institute of Fashion, which enabled him to bring his designs of “Under Pressure,” and “Keys to the Kingdom” to Brooklyn Fashion Week as well as an independent fashion show that was covered by local media and received rave reviews. He has debuted multiple design lines under his corporation and continues to be a sought-after designer.    

Tyran continues his expansion in the fashion industry as Style Advisor for a major retailer where he has won numerous awards, and added top celebrities to his list of clients.